Prom Dresses vs. Oscar Dresses

The dresses at the Oscars were beyond phenomenal! Literally, the dresses came in a wide selection from red to white with diamonds or flowers. Costs came between a wide variety of ranges from thousands to millions. The dresses were very different than usual high school prom dresses. Would you spend a million dollars on a prom dress, and accesorize it with diamonds?


 In 2005, the average high school girl spent between $300 to $400 on a prom dress. This differs greatly from how much the celebrities spent on their dresses at the Oscars.

Another thing is that almost all of the celebrities had their hair and makeup done for the Oscars. Studies show from Seventeen Magazine that 86% of high school girls get their hair and makeup proffesionally done for prom.

 One of Anne Hathaway’s dresses ( in picture on left) , cost $2,900, and is accessorized with crystal drop earrings & 1 Cctw diamond heart necklace.

 As shown in the picture, a prom dress like this would cost about $100, and can easily be accessorized with fake diamonds.

As you can see, there is a wide difference between prom dresses and Oscar dresses. Even though they are different, the Oscar dresses are still great to look at to see what is in and out of style.


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